Six Major Components

There are Six Major Components that make Exercise/Fitness TherapySM the most complete injury prevention and rehabilitation program available today.

Component One: A complete evaluation and consultation consisting of the following.

  1. Review of each client’s goals, needs and capabilities
  2. Description of the facility’s available services
  3. Review of all medical documents pertaining to the client
  4. Contact all medical personnel and physical therapists that were involved with the client’s previous treatment
  5. Overall examination of the client and his/her injuries
  6. Anthropometric Measurements (body measurements)
  7. Postural Evaluation
  8. Strength, Flexibility and Endurance Evaluations
  9. Body Composition Analysis
  10. Blood Pressure Analysis

Component Two: Our first and over all emphasis concentrates on rehabilitating the injured area by improving strength, flexibility, endurance, and muscle reaction time.

Component Three: Concentrates on the area surrounding the injury. At this phase we are looking to correct possible flexibility, strength, and muscular imbalances that may have contributed to or caused the injury in the first place.

Component Four: Is an over all emphasis on injury prevention and sending the employee back to work in better physical condition than prior to his or her injury. To accomplish this we will design an over all strength and conditioning program for the entire body that will include flexibility, endurance, power, strength, and cardiovascular conditioning.

Component Five: Concentrates on nutritional evaluation and consultation. Poor nutrition contributes to disease, overweight problems, poor strength, endurance, and energy levels, “injuries”, weak immune systems and employee absenteeism. To correct poor eating habits and enhance work and personal performance levels, we ask each client to keep track of exactly what they eat and drink for 10 days. After we assess each client’s nutritional habits, we will make a personal appointment to explain the necessary nutritional adjustments that should be made to live a long and healthy life.

Component Six: The final facet of our Exercise/Fitness TherapySM program is the education we offer to each individual. Once a client understands the problem and the course of action that will be taken to correct it, they can become an active participant in their own recovery. Only the client knows how they feel on a given day, what they do between appointments, and what they are doing at work. All of these things factor into their rehabilitation program and must be clearly communicated to the professional trainers. By educating our clients, the rehabilitation process fosters the team effort with both sides working efficiently toward the company’s stated goals. Our experience is that the more involved our clients are in their rehabilitation programs, the more motivated they become due to their sense of control over their situation. This leads them to feel better equipped to handle problems that arise in the future.

At the conclusion of the program, the clients perform the physical requirements of their job under simulated, controlled conditions to insure that they have developed the necessary strength and coordination to insure for a safe return to full activity level. Due to these Six Components, the client has not only learned how to avoid injuries in the future but they have also learned how to physically take care of themselves (better health, wellness and fitness/exercise) for the rest of their lives.


Adam Fredericks